Chinese New Year


Last Friday, a little early for my Artists Books workshop at State Library NSW, I had my very own ‘Accidentally Cultured’ experience whilst walking up Martin Place, Sydney.

I found myself distracted from my usual crowd gazing, adoration of the magnificent jewellery and clothing in the shops and wonder at the sight of the ‘Gringotts’ bank , by the mirage of a ‘chariot of fire’ racing towards the George Street pedestrian crossing.

I was torn between my sculptor’s brain wondering how it was made, to memories of the ‘Entombed Warriors’ exhibitions. ย Snapping back into reality I realized Martin Place was being prepared for Chinese New Year.

Continuing my journey, I then came across an ocean of red lanterns being strategically placed across Martin Place. ย The dancing red patterns contrasted against the old buildings certainly brightened up Friday morning.


Outside channel 7 news room there was plenty of fun to be had. ย I think Dr Suess was visiting because there were lots of Cats in Hats swarming around.


Then finally just in front of the Macquarie Street crossing there were giant mahjong blocks rising into a tower.


I enjoyed the atmosphere of excitement preparing to welcome in the Chinese Lunar New Year and the Year of the Monkey.


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