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About Accidentally Cultured

For many years I have travelled extensively with my husband, Paul, who has earned the nick-name, Accidentally Cultured. This is because he never discusses where we are going or why! He just wants to be pointed in the direction of a motorway to get to a nice hotel quickly. As a result, his crazy antics and reactions to the ‘culture’ of foreign destination has well and truly earned him his title.

Accidentally Cultured was never intended to be a luxury travel blog.  But for many reasons it is! Firstly, we never budget, but somehow end up in luxury accommodation at very reasonable prices. Secondly, we have indulged in fine dining in many of these hotels and nearby restaurants.  Above all, we fill our days with a very hectic schedule seeing heaps of art and old towns filled with castles and cathedrals. This results in many ‘accidentally cultured’ moments!

Accidentally Cultured also refers to those extraordinary moments and little surprises that happen along the way.  So I do hope my stories and photography inspire, amuse, and inform the traveller.

The Via Francigena

In October last year, we travelled along the Via Francigena pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome. This cultural route is extraordinary!  And, our travels were filled with heaps of  accidentally cultured experiences.  It was all fun!  But our adventures through ‘Twenty Cities in Italy’ were the best!

Carol the Pilgrim

Via Francigena Romainmotier
Arnex-sur-Orbe, Switzerland

This year, Carol the Pilgrim decided to leave ‘Accidentally Cultured’ at home and venture out on her own for some solo travelling.  Her first steps in pilgrims shoes happened very accidentally!  So, I hope you enjoy reading Carol:  The Accidental Pilgrim to discover how she came to be walking in Arnex-sur-Orbe by herself.


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