Carol: The Accidental Pilgrim

The Via Francigena Carol had always wondered what it would be like to be a pilgrim walking the ancient medieval Via Francigena pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome.  So, this is a story about how she accidentally became a pilgrim when she decided to visit Romainmôtier Abbey in Switzerland. But, her primary motive for the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Have Lunch in Aosta, Italy!

'I think we should eat lunch in Aosta, Italy today!',  Gareth announced about 11 am one morning. 'That's a long way to go for lunch!', said AC a little stunned. 'It's only a one hour drive, plenty of time!' said Gareth. Now this is a classic example of being 'accidentally cultured'.  A one hour drive... Continue Reading →

‘Lick the Plate’ Moments

Accidentally Cultured is a notoriously bad cook!  His cooking specialty is the 'removal of flavour'.  But when it comes to eating, he is an expert! I should have taken note of early courting day warnings.  This was the 'hippy' era and he sported a goatee beard accompanied by long hair and headband.  One particular day,... Continue Reading →

Gruyère cheese anyone?

"I refuse to eat that Gruyère cheese!' This means that Accidentally Cultured (AC for short) only likes to eat Australian Bega cheese. This was his constant complaint all the way from Le Châble to Gruyères, along with, "I'm going to freeze my balls off?" or "I want my thermal underwear!" I'm not sure which he feared the... Continue Reading →

Mont Blanc – Not On My Radar

  Driving to Mont Blanc Today was the first snow fall of the season! The road from Martigny in Switzerland to Mont Blanc in France was mesmerising. The entire landscape was coated in soft, glowing white sun-lit powder.  It was sheer magic! 'Gareth, I really want to go up there in the cable car!' I... Continue Reading →

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