Carol: The Accidental Pilgrim

The Via Francigena Carol had always wondered what it would be like to be a pilgrim walking the ancient medieval Via Francigena pilgrimage route from Canterbury to Rome.  So, this is a story about how she accidentally became a pilgrim when she decided to visit Romainmôtier Abbey in Switzerland. But, her primary motive for the... Continue Reading →

Versailles in Canberra NGA Exhibition

Arriving in Canberra Versailles and Canberra somehow do not quite go together! Currently the National Gallery of Australia has an exhibition of treasures from the Palace of Versailles. Last year I visited the Palace of Versailles in France and my previous post has lots of useful travel tips. Versailles Palace and gardens are in a class of... Continue Reading →

Three Hectic Days in England

England in only three days was a very enjoyable challenge!  But given my love of manor houses, palaces, castles, cathedrals and fine dining we managed it quite well.   I do hope to inspire the reader to travel in our footsteps! Arrival in England The flight from Sydney to London is arduous, to put it... Continue Reading →

Searching for the Via Francigena

The Via Francigena Historic Background of the Via Francigena This year, our travels focussed on 'searching for' the Via Francigena, a medieval pilgrim route from Canterbury to Rome. The pilgrimage is based on a diary written by Archbishop Sigeric when he travelled to Rome in 990 AD to receive his Pallium from the Pope. On... Continue Reading →

Let’s Have Lunch in Aosta, Italy!

'Let's have lunch in Aosta, Italy!' We were a bit surprised when our son-in-law, Gareth, made this suggestion at 11 am one chilly morning in November. 'That's a long way to go for lunch!', we exclaimed. 'It's only a one hour drive away, plenty of time!',  said Gareth. Now this is a classic example of... Continue Reading →

Le Retour des Alpages, Annecy

With Pebbles, the Queen of Le Châble, perched on my lap we braved the fresh autumn snow fall and headed from Le Châble in Switzerland, to Annecy in France for lunch. 'Man the windows!' Accidentally Cultured constantly wailed.  Pebbles digestive system was extra bad today and I was beginning to agree she needed to stay... Continue Reading →

Queen of Le Chable

  Pebbles is an Entlebucher Sennenhund Swiss dog who lives in Le Châble, Switzerland.  Like most Swiss dogs she is keenly aware of her own self-importance.  Having lived most of her life as the 'Lodge Dog' in Richard Branson's Lodge in Verbier, this trait is not surprising.  It earned her the proud title of 'Queen... Continue Reading →


'The Old Town in Geneva is as boring as bat shit!' Only Accidentally Cultured would react this way to such an amazing place! So we decided to settle for Montreux for lunch and a tour of Château de Chillon. Château de Chillon hovers graciously over Lake Geneva on the outskirts of Montreux in Switzerland and... Continue Reading →

I really want to see ‘The Little Mermaid’!

Accidentally Cultured had an overdose of culture when we visited Denmark in autumn last year. He was dragged around five royal castles helping me search for Caroline Matilda and Leonora Christina.  They are two royal women who suffered exile and imprisonment in 17th and 18th centuries.   And, after a month of travel he was... Continue Reading →

If You Leave Me Can I come Too?

    If you leave me can I come too? This is AC’s favourite song! AC was at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast, Australia. He was busy learning how to wash coal at a conference. But, his favourite band ‘Mental as Anything’ distracted him with his favourite song. You guessed it -  If you leave... Continue Reading →

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