Le Retour des Alpages, Annecy

With Pebbles, the Queen of Le Châble, perched on my lap we braved the fresh autumn snow fall and headed from Le Châble in Switzerland, to Annecy in France for lunch.

‘Man the windows!’

Accidentally Cultured constantly wailed.  Pebbles digestive system was extra bad today and I was beginning to agree she needed to stay on the gluten free diet.  A particularly bad moment is captured in this photo!


‘Look! Look! Look!  You’re not looking!’

Odd as it may seem, AC was convinced I was not looking at this magnificent pink Church nestled in Trient Valley, encased within the snow-clad Alps.


‘What the hell is going on here?’

This was all AC had to say when we arrived in Annecy.  He was referring to the massive traffic jam and long line of tourist buses as we approached the Vieille Ville (Old Town) of Annecy.  Now finding parking spaces is AC’s speciality, and in no time he had us parked in the main parking station near the main entrance.

‘This is sheer bedlam!’

AC informed us as we emerged from the underground car park to be met by an enormous apple cider press, lots of straw and animals.  We all immediately went on alert fearing Pebble’s mountain dog instincts might be aroused.  Here is Jo keeping a firm hand on her.


So here we were about to be ‘accidentally cultured’ for we had arrived for a big anniversary celebration of ‘Le Retour des Alpages’ welcoming the return of the alpine people to town to bed their animals down for winter.  It was a bit like the Royal Easter Show in Sydney when the country comes to the city to show off the best of their animals and produce, but the produce is somewhat different as you can see!


It is a peculiarity of our day trips to leave home a little late, arrive at our destination starving, seek out a restaurant serving the local speciality, enjoy a delicious lunch and then see the sights.

‘I am not eating that stuff!’

AC was terrified that he might have to eat a plate of ‘saucisson’!  But, with watering mouth, he stood transfixed before this shop window, almost crying,

‘That lobster is speaking to me ….’


‘Ou! Là! Là!  C’est très delicieux!’ said a young lady hoping to lead him astray.  But Jo had other plans, she was firmly fixed on the Haute Savoie speciality of the region, tartiflette au reblochon, a creamy potato gratin dish filled with tasty reblochon cheese.


Negotiating our way through the crowds we found a lovely restaurant overlooking Lac D’Annecy and the ancient, colourful buildings.   We were surrounded by people happily consuming tartiflettes, but were greeted with the devastating news that there was no tartiflettes left! 





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